I have designed,built and sold hundreds of furniture pieces in the past 25 years.   I have shared my skills with countless amateur and professional crafts persons as an Employer, Crafts Educator, and Program Director.  I am a Master Craftsman imbued with fine art sensibilities. I am comfortable in the studio and factory, as well as the gallery and museum. My most successful works are multimedia, wood, glass, lighting, metal and salvaged items,   and possess a luminescent attraction.


1999 to 2008                  Principal,  Sylvan Studio Inc.   
                                                                          Worked collaboratively with Individuals, Designers, Architect’s and Artists to design and create hundreds of unique Furniture and Fixtures within strict design parameters of the proposal and contract.   Trained  and educated dozens of employees in studio woodworking.  Involved  in  all aspects  of  project  management  from  design  concept  to  completion.

1993 to 1998                 Matthew Bohlmann, Wood worker
Designed and crafted commissioned studio furniture and architectural works.

1990 to 1997          Program Director, Wisconsin Woodworkers Guild

Led a team that hosted nationally recognized artisans and local talents in over 100 programs, educational seminars and classes. Programs varied  from single evening presentations to week long intensive workshops on all aspects of the many Crafts of Wood Working.
​ Honored as Member of the Year 1997, Wisconsin Woodworkers Guild.

1980 to 1981  University of Wisconsin  Fine Art Wood Program  with Skip Johnson Professor Emeritus 2014 to present  Square one Glass Studio-  Hot glass certification solo and team. 

1991 to 1996 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Craft Center    
  Instructed and Assisted woodworking students of all abilities to realize their designs, safely and successfully.

MATTHEW BOHLMANN 4905 West Washington Blvd. Milwaukee, WI USA 53208 414-688-6639