Joint Corning/Kohler Residency proposal


    I propose a series of works titled “Luminaires”, interpretations of the Long-case Clock.  Each Luminaire will   functionas a sort of “Luminescent Obelisk”,   but retain vestigial “usefulness” as a clock.  As a Craftsman I am hesitant to give up the last gasp of functionality.    Combining  digital time displays and lighting  with the  ancient foundry crafts- cast iron,  brass, and glass offers the chance to animate works with a personality that would be difficult to realize anywhere but The Joint Corning/Kohler Residency Program.      Human scaled works 7’ tall are the inspiration, but tabletop pieces, and  grand scaled works up to 12’ tall are also envisioned.  I can arrive at the residency with many of my “patterns” ready to cast, so I can maximize my productivity while in residence.  The Bases,Waist, Shields, Face, Head, and Crown will be assemblies of cast iron, brass,enamel and glass.  Internal “clock”displays and light fixtures will imbue each piece with a luminescent attraction.     Each component will be cast in the iron or brass foundry, (my focus area), from mock-up “patterns” fabricated of wood or foam, familiar mediums.. Cast glass  will then be inserted into or suspended inside. Once all parts have been cast, polished, finished,or enameled, they will be assembled into unified sculptures.  Glass components will be cast or slumped in forms and molds at the Corning Residency. 
Clock displays and lights will  be installed at  final assembly.  Matthew Bohlmann 4905 West Washington Blvd Milwaukee WI 53208 414-688-6639 Kohler Foundry Focus and Corning  Focus