Artist Statement 2014

cabinet (noun) :    def.

Early 16th century "secret storehouse, treasure chamber," 
​from Middle French cabinet"small room"
        My best works are like passing an attractive home on an evening stroll. Our homes are essentially the cabinets of our lives.  Luminescent windows give small glimpses of what lies inside, but there are always the underlying mysteries as you pass. Who lives there and what brings meaning to their lives.  Occasionally, we come to know the occupants and formulate answers to these questions, as their lives are revealed.  But most of the time we never get more than a glimpse.

As master Cabinetmaker and Artist, I want to create objects that draw the casual observer inward and reveal glimpses of the secrets and treasures inside. If successful, my works raise layers of questions, leaving the answers to the observer, heightening a sense of mystery. 
    I enjoy interpreting classic forms, objects and shapes with new materials, surfaces and uses.   Thus a curio cabinet becomes a treasure chest.  A Tall Case Clock becomes luminous Obelisk.  A Garden Bench an oasis.   The ardent observer is left with Intrigue and mystery as rewards for their attention.